WHO: The Lloyds – David (me), Trina (Mum), Dominic (7) and Callum (4). A typical Kiwi family really. I’m a self-employed Mortgage Broker who is trusting his business to the hands of a colleague while we’re away. Trina is an Accountant – hoping to take a career break. Dominic is full of energy ie loud, loves sports and very outgoing. Callum is the opposite – cautious, pretty reserved and happy to play quietly with his toys.

WHY: Mental illness according to one un-named friend (Debra Ann Hughes of South Head) but also having travelled extensively in the glorious PK (pre-kid) days (David’s last country count 46 and Trina 43) we still have “itchy feet” and we want the boys to see amazing things and experience things that most kids would never have the chance to. To taste different foods, smell different smells, meet different people from different cultures and basically to see how good they’ve got it tucked away in little ol’ New Zealand.

WHERE: We’ve booked a One World – World Explorer ticket with the following destinations:

  1. Auckland
  2. Sydney (4 days to stay with Trina’s sister)
  3. Bangkok (3 days)
  4. Krabi – ferry to Koh Lanta (10 days)
  5. Istanbul (8 days)
  6. London (we have 6 weeks in Europe which will include Spain, France and Italy)
  7. Nassau (4 days)
  8. Cuba (2 weeks)
  9. Miami and Orlando (2 weeks)
  10. Costa Rica (where we’ll base ourselves for 2-3 months)
  11. Los Angeles (5 days)
  12. Hawaii (2 weeks)

WHEN: Take-off is scheduled for 1 August 2013 and returning to NZ late January 2014

HOW MUCH?:  We aren’t going to rough it and hostels will be few and far between but it’s certainly not going to be luxury either. Let’s call it mid-market backpacking. Trina and I have backpacked all over the world, Europe, Central/South America and India – we don’t want (or need) to go that basic again. We also feel that the boys will need to stay somewhere half decent that provides some comfort after a busy day.

WHY A BLOG?: Firstly to let family and friends back home that we haven’t:

a)  Killed each other

b)  Gotten divorced

c)   Shipped the boys off to a Romanian orphanage

But mainly it was for Dominic and Callum to have a permanent record of their travels so that they can re-visit and share.

CONTACT DAVID: I’d love to hear from you. E-mail is davidalloyd@rocketmail.com


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