Bahamas – Just for fun

The purpose of our 4-day stop to the Bahamas and in particular, Atlantis Resort in Nassau was two-fold.  Firstly, we needed an entry point for Cuba (which we were unable to book as part of our Round the World flight) and secondly, we just wanted to have some fun.  No sightseeing, no history, nothing.

Atlantis is a monster.  Swimming pools galore, which catered for all ages, a huge amount of accommodation and a waterpark – that boasted slides for the brave and not so brave, this made two very weary travellers in particular very happy indeed.  The beach had the very fine white sand and the turquoise blue water was so clear we had no problem spotting the stingray that glided right past us – this was somewhat of a surprise.  Speaking of wildlife, Atlantis does have a pretty impressive aquarium set-up.  The list is endless of the species they house there but the highlight for the boys were the two Hammerhead sharks and seeing more stingrays (but this time, from a safer distance).





The waterslides did cause an issue with Dominic. There was one slide in particular that Dominic had been talking about before we even left NZ and was so excited about going on – the one that finished with a clear tube that went through a pool of sharks.  Atlantis has a height restriction of 48 inches to ride the slides.  Dominic managed to get in couple of slides before been called up for an official measurement – the result was 47.5 inches.  Would they let that go? No way – one very disappointed 47.5 inch 7 year old!!  Callum also had an adventure with the water rides.  The rapid river ride saw him thrown from his rubber tube that he was sharing with Trina (who also got tossed).  Luckily a nearby tuber was able to quickly grab him until Trina was able to get him back on board the tube. We were expecting a tantrum of epic proportions (from somebody who hates to go under the water) but were very pleased when this unexpected dip was taken in his stride and he carried on to complete the ride.  Hopefully it is a sign that he is starting to get more confident in the water.





The weather was certainly changeable but we knew before we arrive this was rainy/hurricane season.  Mornings were usually beautiful blue sky but by late afternoon the black clouds started to rumble in.   Bedtime saw plenty of action.  Every night Trina was treated to a thunder and lightening show, which was quite spectacular.  I have to admit having played no part in this so was able to enjoy the display also.

Apart from one mornings venture into downtown Nassau, we spent the majority of time either in the pools or at the beach.  Downtown Nassau was very average.  It’s a city that waits with baited breath for the next cruise ship to grace its waters – there were 3 there when we arrived but peak season can see up to 8 berthed at one time. Yikes, downtown Nassau is not that big!!

Food-wise on our budget was ordinary.  There are many top class eateries at Atlantis but they come at a price.  Ones that had an average cost per main of USD$80-$90 were certainly out of our price range.   Most of our meals were the usual American infused cuisine (and still very pricey cuisine it was).  We did head out one night for some typical Bahamian cuisine.   Our taxi driver recommended a place called The Fish Fry.  There are 2 of these, one is the original and the other is for the tourist.  Wanting to avoid the latter, we opted for the original and were promptly advised we were the wrong colour for there, so we headed to the whiter version.  No loss, the former looked terrible!

There isn’t really a lot more to say about the Bahamas.  Admittedly we didn’t really get to see much of the country but it was great to do nothing for a few days and to recharge young batteries.  Job done.  The unknown of Cuba awaits us.


2 responses to “Bahamas – Just for fun

  • littlehousebytheferry

    If you get a chance to visit the Bahamas again, bypass Nassau completely and head for one of the Bahamian “out islands”, such as Harbour Island, Abaco, Cat Island, Long Island, Eleuthera, etc. There are dozens of them, all much more enjoyable, memorable and authentically Bahamian than Nassau!

    • davidll7

      Hi, thanks for your comment. We didn’t have time to head to the other islands unfortunately. Would have loved to but couldn’t fit it in. I’m sure they are much better than Nassau – we had a good time at Atlantis though. Thanks for reading!

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