Rome – Some imagination required

Post-Positano we had 2 days in Rome before returning to the UK.  Trina and I have been to Rome numerous times so had a good idea of what to see, how to get there and how much to fit in on our brief stop-over.

First up was the Coliseum.  As expected it was busy but the queue for tickets moved quickly enough and we entered the arena with a couple of confused and bemused kids.  Callum asked, “What is it”?  We tried our best to explain what used to go on in this place and that he would have to use his imagination.  His reply was “I don’t have an imagination, I have a brain but it doesn’t have an imagination”.  It was at this stage that we realized this was going to be a hard sell.  Dominic enjoyed the fact that Gladiators fought lions and slaves but the scale of the construction was definitely lost on them both (there wasn’t any funny penis shapes to laugh at like at Pompeii!).  We stayed for an hour and that was that.


Next stop on our whistle-stop tour was the Trevi Fountain.   We gave the boys a couple of coins to throw in and make a wish.  Dominic (as usual) needed more than one wish so (much to the amusement of some Americans beside us) wished for 2 Ferraris (in case 1 breaks down), to be good at football and a new skateboard.  One of these wishes may come true – it has 4 wheels but doesn’t have a black horse on the front.


We rounded out the first day with a gelato from a shop that offered 150 flavours.  Needless to say decision-making was a slow process.


We wanted to add another country to the ever-growing list for Dominic and Callum so what better way to do it than by visiting the smallest country on earth, Vatican City.  We were amazed by the lack of crowds and waltzed straight in, had a look around and waltzed straight out again.  The main attraction was the Swiss Guards whose uniforms intrigued the boys.  They were very inquisitive about how they got selected for such an important job, what training they’d have to do and why they were from Switzerland.  All of these answers were provided with a degree of confidence by their parents however; we take no responsibility for all the facts provided.



We walked along the river to find a place for dinner and stumbled across a little bar that luckily was in the middle of happy hour(s) so we spent the rest of the evening enjoying vino and bar food watching the world go by.  The boys were quite happy to be off their feet after covering some distances over the past 2 days so we let them have some quality iPod time.



Rome is a great place for a few days.  Not much for the boys in all honesty but we enjoyed being back.  It’s a great city for walking and exploring.  Around every corner is something a bit special and unexpected.


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